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Provisional LGV License

To drive an LGV vehicle, you must have provisional LGV license. Getting your LGV license is the first step. The guidelines  for getting your provisional LGV license is described below -

You should allow at least 2 weeks for your application to be processed. If you don't have a photo license then you must apply for this at the same time as you apply for your Category C provisional. Old style paper licences are no longer issued.

Minimum Age: 21 (If you are applying for a C1 provisional license then the minimum age is 18. Certain other exceptions can apply that mean you might be able to drive at 18 please check here)

  • You must hold a Category B license (manual car if you want manual LGV).
  • Meet certain medical standards
  • You should obtain the DVLA form D2 this is both your Provisional license application form and a combined Photo license application
  • You should also get the medical form D4 this is also available from DVLA

  • The medical form can be completed by any doctor licensed to practise in the EU, it does not necessarily need to be your own. Most doctors charge around 90-140 for the medical
  • Complete the D2 form and together with the completed D4 medical form send to the DVLA, enclosing your current driving license together with the correct fee

Once you get the LGV provisional license, the next step is LGV theory test.

As from 1st July 1999 paper licences are no longer issued by DVLA